So, having PAUSED, what exactly does it mean to R-O-A-R? Re-education. Organization. Action. Results. Here is a start. (The resources below have been curated for you by Olenoko.) RE-EDUCATION Sometimes what we already know can coexist with new information. Sometimes, we have to unlearn false narratives to make room for true ones. We simply need to be open to what we don't know.
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A Certain Madness: The Mental Acrobatics of Minority Existence in America

"And this is how a simple, fun, well-intentioned favorite-book exercise plunges into a minefield of complexity and stress for one person on the team." When my colleague asked that each member of our group submit a list including their favorite novel for his 2017 summer reading blogpost, six out of nine of us jumped at the task with alacrity, supplying the list within mere hours of the request. I was not one of them.


Amid trauma, life goes on. We are driven to rise and take care of those who need us, to honor the memory of those taken from us, to live and breathe for one more day. But this coronavirus crisis has given us pause. Pause to take in the felling, over a few months, of tens of thousands of our fellow human beings by a viral enemy as insidious as it is vicious...and to realize that this killing is not indiscriminate. Pause to watch, for an excruciating 8 minutes and 46 seconds, the ruthless murder...

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